Administrative and Reporting Tools

CMC Gaming, Inc. Administration tools provide a user friendly and seemless interface in maintaining your slot machine environment to reduce administration time and improve profits. Slot machine and server upgrades and new gaming content are automatically downloaded into the administration tool where they can be automatically downloaded to selected slot machines, or can be scheduled to be deployed at a predefined time. Endless configurations of gaming content can be downloaded to the slot machines, where customers can choose which game they would like to play, providing the best possible gaming experience for your cuatomers. Slot machine and server status, past events, downloaded gaming packages and upgrades are all easily visible within the user-friendly interface. Remote administration is also possible utilizing CMC Gaming, Inc.' Remote Administration Tools and Services allowing operators to maintain their systems from virtually anywhere.

With CMC Gaming, Inc. Reporting Tools, operators and owners can easily track all aspects of their operations in an easy-to-use, web-based interface. Operators can configure CMC Gaming, Inc.' Reporting Tools to only show certain reports for certain users, and other reports for other users. Each report can be customized to each operator's preference, and with CMC Gaming, Inc.' Report Builder tool, operators can create their own customized reports. Types of reports include: